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CHIKO Solar won two awards for "Light Energy Cup" Most Influential Photovoltaic Mounting/Photovol


Started in 2012, the Solar Energy Cup is the most high-profile industry selection event in the photovoltaic industry; for more than 10 years, it has shouldered industry responsibilities, respected and faithfully recorded the development of...

Happy New Year!


New Years Day, that is, January 1 of the Gregorian calendar, is the New Year commonly called by most countries in the world. Yuan means beginning, and the beginning of all numbers is called yuan; Dan means day; New Years Day means initial d...

Merry Christmas!


An important day for Christianity to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Also known as Jesus Christmas, Nativity Day, Catholic also known as Jesus Christmas Feast. The date of Jesus birth is not recorded in the Bible. The Roman church began to...

Have you seen such a tracking bracket?


Single-row tracking solar mounting system . Drive device: 24V rotary reducer drive; . Square or regular octagonal steel pipes have better bending and torsion resistance, and it is also easier to install; . Dampers are installed on both side...

Do you know how to install such metal roof solar mounting system?


The main types of color steel tiles are angular, vertical seam, trapezoidal, etc. There are waterproof design fixture installation methods that do not damage the original building, and there are also drilling types that pursue the most stab...