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CHIKO Solar Mounting System Products Won High Appraisal from American Customers


In December 2019, CHIKO Solars business representatives went to the United States for business negotiations, during which they conducted detailed discussions on the current status of photovoltaic development in the United States and the sol...

Legend of convenient —CHIKO Solar Newest Product Crown Tile Roof Solar Mounting


Since its establishment in 2011, CHIKO Solar has been focusing on the European solar mounting system market as its main target market, and has achieved many success....

Optimize the Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Solution-CHIKO new E-Lock series


In the past 11 years, CHIKO Solar has been insisting on technological innovation, achieving the ultimate in solar mounting system products, and using advanced technology and high-quality products to accelerate the promotion of affordable In...

In Order To Improve Quality & Service,The Events of Chiko Solar In 2020


April 1, 2020 is a very significant day for CHIKO Solar. In order to improve the quality of solar mounting system products and improve the quality of services, on this day, Keike started to launch a foreign trade service system integrating CRM and ERP...

CHIKO Newest Solar Mounting Solution In 2020- Ground Driven-pile System


The Chiko Driven-pile Ground solar mounting system has been designed and engineered for large solar farm, provided the most cost effective option that adapt to any configuration and field.This solar mounts is special in that the top is made...