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Tracking Solar Mounts Usher in Opportunities


The main reasons why it is difficult to upgrade the domestic tracking bracket are as follows: First, the technology for tracking stents is not mature enough. Secondly, the cost-effectiveness of the tracking bracket is low, and the benefits...

Various solar tile roof bracket systems


S Tile Roof Mount CHIKO S Tile Hook,gives you different options for installation on rail (vertical or horizontal) Adjustable S Tile Roof Mount CHIKO Adjustable S Tile Hook can be adjustable horizontally and vertically,which gives more versat...

New metal roof solar bracket installation solution - low cost and high quality


Chiko has launched a new installation method of solar bracket s on iron roofs. This installation method does not require guide rails, but only Fixture, medium pressure and side pressure, which greatly reduces the installation cost, and is s...

The return visit of the Chiko project


Since the epidemic, Chiko has been producing bracket products in an orderly manner, and all have been installed. Many customers are satisfied with our service and are willing to maintain long-term cooperation. This is a win-win for us and o...

Fight the epidemic and stabilize production


The epidemic in Shanghai has lasted for nearly two months, and many companies have been more or less affected by the epidemic, resulting in production and orders being unable to proceed. Since the epidemic, the production and installation o...