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The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department


On September 28, the swearing ceremony for the newcomers of the Marketing Department of CHIKO was held in the large conference room. Member of Marketing Department, Commercial Documentary Department. Nearly 20 people in charge of each sales team witnessed the start of the PK between Harry and Joyce, two new colleagues from the English team.
The two new colleagues took a leap of experimentation with the battle book, signature pen, inkpad, etc. prepared on site.
The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department
The content of the invitation letter includes the PK of the number of customers traded between the two new colleagues in October, as well as the content of punishments and rewards. The PK winner can enjoy two minutes of applause from all sales colleagues and a congratulatory message for each person; while the other party will have to eat a raw bitter gourd with a length of 10cm and circle the company office twice.
First of all, Terry Lynn, the sales manager, gave a speech on the signing ceremony of the contract. Terry Lynn said that the convening of this conference is not only to show the importance of the two new colleagues, but also to witness the official start of the "Battle" between the two new colleagues with all colleagues in the sales department as a testimony!
Later, two new colleagues Harry and Joyce took the stage to speak and expressed their nervousness and expectations for the PK, and also expressed their determination to prepare themselves. To the encouraging applause of all colleagues in the sales department, Harry and Joyce successively signed their names on the "invitation letter" and solemnly pressed the red handprint.
The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department,
 The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department
All colleagues in the sales department have witnessed the determination and responsibility of the two new colleagues at this moment. The sales department will go all out with a more exciting spirit, with a positive state, confidence in winning, and solid work to deal with future market changes. , Delivered their wonderful answer sheet to CHIKO Solar.
The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department
The Battle Is Beginning, The PK Duel Of The Sales Department"Clear goals, positive progress; meticulous planning, high morale; pay attention to methods, keep the particles back to the warehouse; fight hard, never give up; race against time, moderate tension; go all out to create brilliant." This is every sales at this meeting. The declaration of colleagues from the department is also the attitude and determination of CHIKO people to bravely shoulder their mission and act bravely.

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