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Who is the winner ? CHIKO Solar Sales Simulation PK Competition In September, 2020


On the morning of September 28, CHIKO Solar's September sales department simulation PK competition was held in the company's multifunctional hall. In the host’s passionate opening remarks, 10 outstanding players from the sales department and heavyweight judges from various departments were seated one by one.
Who is the winner ? CHIKO Solar Sales Simulation PK Competition In September, 2020
Before the start of the PK competition, the 10 contestants were divided into two teams by lottery, and they were PK between teams and individuals. The two teams take turns playing sales and customers, simulating sales scenarios, and the judges will give scores based on the performance of each team and player. In the end, the winning team can get a "win capital"-a cash reward of 500+, and the best individual can get a CHIKO customized trophy.
Who is the winner ? CHIKO Solar Sales Simulation PK Competition In September, 2020
After the final negotiation between the respective players, the names of the two teams were finally determined as the "Customer Terminator Team" and the "Vic Team".
"Customer Terminator Team" captain NIKO said: Customer Terminator implies that it must become the last supplier of customers.
The captain of the Vic team said: The Vic is taken from the first two pronunciations of the English word VICTORY", which means "success is ultimately ours"!

In the two domineering Slogan, the PK tournament officially start.

The first player to play the client team is the "Customer Terminator Team". When the two-minute discussion time is up, the team will ask questions from the perspective of the customer. After a group discussion among the members of the "Vic Team", representatives will speak and answer. The "customer team" deliberately asking difficult questions,and the sales team answered politely and thoughtfully, the entire PK event was carried out in a fierce and tense atmosphere.
 Who is the winner ? CHIKO Solar Sales Simulation PK Competition In September, 2020
Sales department team and individual PK competition in progress
Finally, after two rounds of competition, the four judges gave their own scores. The final winning team of this PK competition is the "Customer Terminator Team", and the best individual is the English group salesman Luna. The scoring system of this PK competition is based on three dimensions: customer service ability, professional knowledge, and customer satisfaction. The evaluation of each award is calculated through a strict scoring formula. The outstanding individuals and outstanding teams will be displayed on the company's platforms.

The Winning Team of CHIKO Solar

CHIKO Best Individual Award
Terry, the general manager of the sales department said: Sales is one of the company's core departments, and all departments of the company serve for sales. The purpose of the sales simulation PK is to commend outstanding individuals and teams and promote positive models. To urge backwardness. Starting from the sales department, it is hoped that the PK culture will be formed in the sales department first, and then affect the entire company, forming a competitive atmosphere, and achieve the purpose of implementing the company.

Finally post the reward of the winning team- The carnival of "KTV".
Winning or losing is not the purpose of PK. Team cooperation and mutual assistance, personal gain and progress are the PK spirit; only by constantly encouraging oneself and gathering the strength of the team can we go further!
Thanks to CHIKO family for let us together here!