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What Are The Main Types of CHIKO PV Carport Solar Mounting System?


The CHIKO PV carport solar mounting system combines photovoltaic power generation with carports, which can replace traditional carports, both parking and power generation, while enjoying 25 years of power generation revenue. It can not only protect the vehicle from wind and rain, but also use solar energy to create clean photovoltaic energy-powered electric vehicle charging, lighting and integration into the grid. The advantage of this system is that it has almost no geographical restrictions and is very flexible and convenient.
From the shape of the product, there are four main types of CHIKO PV carport solar mounting bracket.
The Main Types of CHIKO PV Carport Solar Mounting System
        CK-T carport and L-carport and CK-Y carport solar mounting system, all three carports are suitable for large shopping malls and factories. The outstanding feature is that the wind resistance is stronger, and it can be built without being restricted by the size of the parking space. When parking, there is no need to worry about scratching the column, which makes parking more convenient.
The Main Types of CHIKO PV Carport Solar Mounting System
        The CK-4 Pole type carport is more suitable for home and residential use. Compared with the commercial PV carport, the advantsges is small and light, and the cost is relatively low. Its 4-pole structure easily solves the problem of large span, and the cost and stability of this structure are superior to other structural forms under the same size specifications.
        From the material points, the CHIKO carport solar mounting bracket can be divided into aluminum alloy and carbon steel. Based on the principle of the highest quality, the aluminum profile adopts the AL6005 grade, and the T5 state is processed. The surface is anodized 12-15 MIC; the stainless steel materials are all 304 grades; the steel is Q235 grade, and the surface treatment hot galvanizing average 80 MIC. CHIKO source to the terminal full control, raw material quality control, process processing control technology, terminal control assembly and packaging.
As a leading manufacturer of solar mounting system, CHIKO Solar has 9 years of experience in the design and sales of carport brackets, with installations in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.
CHIKO Carport Sries Project Show Case:
 CHIKO Carport Sries Project Show Case:
        The CHIKO series of solar mounting bracket products have been tested by the three major institutions in the world, the United States UL, the British INTERTEK, the Australian standard, and the SGS test, the certificates of CHIKO' products more than 20 copies, the quality of the chiko products is universal. Can stand the test of time and user!

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