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2018 Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting Bracket System Introduction - CHIKO Solar


 As the world's leading solar mounting bracket manufacturer, CHIKO Solar has many years of sales and design experience of carport solar mounting rack in domestic and foreign pv market. In 2018, with its own strong technical strength and project design experience, CHIKO has satisfied the needs of users based on the domestic market environment and the previous carport system, making the solar carport parking is more convenient, and the installation is simpler,more cost-effective and cheaper!
        The CHIKO Carport solar mounting bracket is mainly divided into two types: L Type and 4 pole Type. The L Type carport is mainly suitable for large parking lots and factory areas. The 4 pole carport is mainly suitable for home or residential sites. Both solar carports are made of Q235B stainless steel and can be used for more than 30 years.
CHIKO L Type Carport

CHIKO 4 pole Type Carport

  • Unique waterproof design: CHIKO abandon the traditional carport glue method, using the clamp block fixing method, the sealing rubber strip is embedded above the guide rail to solve the waterproof problem.
  • Beautiful appearance: The single and double column car sheds that CHIKO currently pushes into the market are widely favored by customers. The customers spray according to the actual background color of the installation, and the appearance is beautiful.
  • Economical and practical: Photovoltaic carports can replace traditional carports, both parking and power generation, while enjoying 25 years of power generation revenue.
        As the most simple and convenient way to combine photovoltaic and construction, solar carports have become more and more popular in China in recent years. The solar carport has the advantages of good heat absorption, convenient installation and low cost. It not only makes full use of the original site, but also provides green and environmentally friendly energy. It can be applied to factories, business districts, hospitals, schools and other places to solve the problem of high temperature inside the outdoor parking lot.

CHIKO Solar Partial Carport Solar Mounting Bracket Project Show:
CHIKO Solar designs and manufactures high quality solar mounting bracket for pitched roof, flat roof and groundopen areas. Whether for small or large-scale projects, standard models or tailor-made systems, we deliver what your need.CHIKO Solar is a leading manufacturer in solar industry. We provide design & manufacture & sales & service customers support from our head quarters in Shanghai.We are working with companies from USA, Mexico, Germany, UK, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Australia, South Africa,Japan etc to provide best services.

We are proud of the fact that more than 4GW solar project from worldwide used CHIKO mounting systems.

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Chiko solar
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