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How to treat the recycled solar mounting?


When building a new solar mounting station, we are most concerned about its life and whether it can bring efficiency during its life. Generally, the life of solar powered mountings is more than 10 years. Then, how to recycle the damaged solar mounting after 10 years.


In 2021, Australia's first solar bracket recycling plant will be put into operation. It 100% recycles the solar PV modules at the end of their service life and all relevant materials recycled - inverters, cables, optimizers, installation structures - without chemicals. It opens a new door for recycling solar racking mounting systems. At present, there are many recycling solar powered mounting systems on the market without damaging the environment.


At the same time of solving the energy crisis, we have also handled the following schemes to recycle energy. I think more and more countries will choose to use solar bracket systems.


How to treat the recycled solar mounting?

Chiko has been in the solar field for 12 years, serving solar mounting systems in nearly 80 countries around the world. From mounting production to technical solutions to sea transportation, Chiko provides one-stop services.


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