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What different on Off-grid and grid-connected solar energy systems?


At present, in the field of new energy, solar power stations have become the first choice of many large enterprises. The electricity converted from solar energy can directly save a large amount of electricity bills for the rest of the enterprise every year. Solar power systems are also divided into solar off-grid system and solar grid-connected system. The difference between the two systems is one word, but the price is thousands.


Solar off-grid system means that the electricity converted by solar energy is stored in the battery. At present, there are lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, which account for 30% - 50% of the cost of the power generation system in the off-grid system. From the perspective of batteries used in the off-grid system of the market, lead-acid batteries generally have a life of about 3 years, and lithium batteries have a life of 6 or 7 years. With the update of high-efficiency battery technology, the life of batteries will gradually increase in the future. Off-grid inverter generally has four-stage structure, including controller, boost, inverter and isolation.


Solar grid-connected system means that the electricity converted by solar energy can be directly connected to the grid, and two-way electricity meters need to be equipped. The electricity generated by the grid-connected system is AC, which can be directly used for household load, and the surplus electricity can also be sold into the grid. However, the grid-connected inverter is generally a two-stage structure of boost and inverter.


From the perspective of composition, cost and efficiency, the PV off-grid system is relatively high in cost, and the surplus power cannot be stored. Therefore, the off-grid power generation system is specially designed for use in areas without power grid or areas with frequent power outages.


What different on Off-grid and grid-connected solar energy systems?

With the maturity of solar mounting system technology and the improvement of product quality, there will be more and more applications around off-grid and grid-connected. It is believed that more enterprises and factories will benefit from this in the near future, which also contributes to the sustainable development of global green energy.


Among them, Chiko, as the pioneer of solar mounting factory in the world, has been persisting in high-quality solar mounting solutions for 16 years, and has solved Solar mounting technical solutions for many global big sellers. If you don't know how to choose a solution, please send us the demand, and we have a professional technical team of solar mounting solution to answer for you!



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