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The old carport in Macau has undergone major changes


The carport before the renovation of Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal is covered with glass on the top surface, which can only play a role in preventing rain, and can not even effectively reduce the temperature in the carport. When the sun is shining, the high temperature will cause certain damage to the car. To this end, the Macao Government Maritime and Taxation Bureau chose Chico to renovate their carport. This project adopts the Chiko aluminum alloy carport bracket system. The electricity generated by this solar power generation system is directly supplied to the internal facilities of the passenger terminal and connected to the public city grid.


After construction, the carport can not only prevent rain, but also effectively reduce the temperature in the carport, and can use solar energy to store electricity. The peak power generation is 860 kilowatts (kW). It will be officially put into power generation and parking vehicles in September 2022. With this cooperation, CHIKO has officially entered the white list of Macao government projects, and will continue to contribute to green energy together with the Macao government in the future. 



Let's see how much has changed before and after construction!


The old carport in Macau has undergone major changes

The old carport in Macau has undergone major changes

The old carport in Macau has undergone major changes

The old carport in Macau has undergone major changes

CHIKO Solar has focused on manufacturing and designing solar bracket systems for more than 10 years. Its products have been installed and used in more than 60 countries and regions with a total installed capacity of over 8GW; All projects are accepted by the official acceptance team after completion of construction, and have been officially put into operation.

In terms of material selection, based on the principle of the highest quality, the support of high quality main material advanced anodized alumina AL6500-T5, the surface of anodic oxide 12-15MIC, excellent anticorrosion and rust performance to ensure its service life of 30 years; At the same time, aluminum lightweight characteristics reduce the roof load and make it safe and reliable.The maximum wind speed can carry 60 m/s and has a snow load capacity of 1.4KN / ㎡.

Finally, all CHIKO solar bracket solutions are the result of verification based on the field working conditions.The advanced technical team of the structure of the building, combined with the arrangement of photovoltaic matrix and solar mounting systems module inspection, gave various kinds of feasible support layout solutions, to determine the most efficient, convenient, safe and reliable solutions.

Chiko Solar various efficient and flexible 
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