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"Customer first, dedicated service", CHIKO Solar Roof Fixture Clamp Assembly Training


"Customer first, service attentively" has always been the business philosophy of CHIKO Solar. In order to better serve customers, we will study better solutions for the construction of the metal roof roof solar mounting system project. On January 19, 2021, CHIKO The solar energy domestic sales department organized a training on solar roof fixture clamp installation.
"Customer first, dedicated service", CHIKO Solar Roof Fixture Clamp Assembly Training
clamp installation location: On the roof of the carport in the CHIKO Indusclamp Park.
clamp product: Roof 367 metal roof fixture +528/531 guide rail
Installation time: the afternoon of January 19, 2021
First of all, the colleagues in the domestic sales department of CHIKO transported the prepared solar mounting structures products to the installation site.
Through the survey and measurement data of the roof by colleagues in the sales department and technical department, it was determined to choose the 367 fixtures commonly used in China for clamp installation.
After the fixture was installed, colleagues from the technical department conducted a pull test on the roof, and the 367 fixture passed the pull test perfectly.
Installed fixture
Finally, the colleagues in the sales department installed the roof fixture and the guide rail under the guidance of the technical department. During the installation process, it was found that the clamps used in the fixture in the solution can be fastened to the guide rail perfectly and quickly. When tightening the fixture to the roof, the inner hexagon is more suitable than the outer hexagon. The use of inner hexagon bolts can speed up the installation of thesolar mounting system.
After nearly 2 hours, all the fixtures have been installed. On the solar panel, the newly designed mid-side pressure product of CHIKO can quickly and easily fix the panel.
Through this fixture clamp installation, colleagues in the sales department have a deeper understanding of the metal roof fixture construction, which is of great significance to the improvement of the metal roof fixture solution.
"Running, exploring" has always been the theme of CHIKO people. CHIKO Solar has never stopped exploring solar mounting system technology, hoping to bring customers more efficient and convenient solutions, saving customers time and labor costs.
We have been on the road and look forward to better serving customers in the future!

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