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Happy Halloween! CHIKO Solar “one night ultimate werewolf“Theme Party


Halloween should be the most mysterious one in the Western holiday. Every October 31st, everyone enjoys carnival celebration.
As a large-scale foreign trade enterprise focusing on the export of solar mounting systems, how could CHIKO Solar miss such a passionate festival. On October 31, CHIKO Solar called on all colleagues to hold a Halloween Werewolf theme party in the company.
 Happy Halloween! CHIKO Solar “one night ultimate werewolf“Theme Party
In the early morning of the event day, colleagues from the Administration and Personnel Department set out to arrange the venue. Halloween pendants in the elevator, pilling and sticker decoration in the venue, and intimate colleagues with babies prepared pumpkin lanterns to take home, So sweet❥(^_-)
 Happy Halloween! CHIKO Solar “one night ultimate werewolf“Theme Party
Exquisite little cakes, ghost-shaped biscuits, candies, the atmosphere is in place!
It is worth mentioning that the Werewolf Killing Party is divided into three stages. Considering that many colleagues will not play, there are simulation matches, preliminary rounds and final finals. The winner of the werewolf and villagers in the final will receive prizes.
 Happy Halloween! CHIKO Solar “one night ultimate werewolf“Theme Party
The happiest game moment-the game of werewolves and villagers
 First, the "judge" explained the rules of the game to everyone, and then the "judge" assistant issued the cards. The roles are divided into 3 werewolves, 4 villagers, and 3 clergy.
The friends who got the villagers card were uneasy and worried about being "killed", and the friends who got the werewolf card forced to be calm and afraid of exposure. During the game, the werewolf needs to lie constantly to cover up his identity, while the villagers need to observe carefully and make logical judgments on the speech and behavior of other friends to find the werewolf.
There are novice new bird who has played Werewolf for the first time, and there are also experienced players who have been killing werewolves for many years. The collision between new bird and experienced players makes all the friends present laugh and the competition between werewolves and villagers throughout the game is tense and intense. Intense, happy and thrilling.
Finally, a collection of beautiful photos of CHIKO Solar's friends who love to show their faces will be broadcast.
Happy Halloween! CHIKO Solar “one night ultimate werewolf“Theme Party
Good memories, grateful encounters!

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