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Quality heritage, Installation training of CHIKO solar mounting system


In order to bring customers a better service experience and improve the product knowledge of sellers, For better communicating with customers about advantages of CHIKO solar mounting system products technical advantages and excellent cost performance and so on. CHIKO Foreign Trade Department carried out a three hours product training activity for newly colleagues.
Quality heritage, Installation training of CHIKO solar mounting structure
The training activities were conducted on the CHIKO Solar production workshop on November 21, 2019. The training products included U2V steel ground mount,T2VC aluminum ground mount,single pipe ground mount and flat roof ballast system . Total 12 new employees participate this training included Foreign market, Japanese market and China market.
For this training, Foreign Trade made careful preparations, and sent the manager of the of Foreign Trade Niko and senior salesman Robin to guide the trial installation of the solar mounting system and introduced the quick installation and the performance characteristics of each component in detail. The business staff gave a wonderful explanation with the problem the customer may meet when installation.
During the training, Robin provided training on solutions and product knowledge based on the characteristics and installation methods of various types of solar mounting brackets and the international photovoltaic market. After the explanation of each type of product, Robin interacted his new colleagues, raised questions and discussed with them, and gave specific solutions to the frequently occurring problems.
After the training have a test to new colleagues. Re-installed several solar mounting bracket products, inspected and consolidated the training content, and improved the training effect. Niko has deeply explain with detailed installation about errors and difficult installations. Lastly, Finally, Niko made a concluding speech the customers are buy the solution not production. Everyone is required to avoid the price war, communicate with customers about solutions.

After the training, colleagues said that this product training benefited a lot, both in technology and sales.
CHIKO Solar has been striving for the improvement of product quality and the upgrading of production processes. In accordance with the highest quality principles, aluminum profiles use AL6005 grades, processed in T5 state, and the surface is anodized 12-15MIC; all stainless steel materials are 304 grade ; The steel is Q235 grade, and the average surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized 80MIC. Chenke source-to-terminal control, raw material quality control, process processing control technology, terminal control assembly and packaging.
CHIKO solar mounting system up to now have passed the tests of three major institutions in the world, the United States UL, the British INTERTEK, the Australian standard, and the SGS test, more than 20 certificates and tests Withstand the test of time and customers experience!

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