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Development of Household Photovoltaic--home solar mounting project in Shanghai Fengxian District


With the rise of the photovoltaic industry, the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation is deeply rooted, the installation of solar energy systems, and the use of solar mounting are not only confined to the roofs of business owners and processing plants. More and more individual users have chosen household photovoltaics system. As the world's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic brackets, CHIKO Solar has seen the proliferation of photovoltaic systems used by individual users in recent years. The following are some of the information of the project projects that CHIKO Solar is implementing. Through these, we can have a simple and comprehensive understanding of the heat of household photovoltaic systems.
The project details are as follows:
Project Time: From the beginning of 2017.10, it has been installed.
Project Location: Fengxian District, Shanghai
Roof Type: Roof Tile Roof
Take a plan: tile roof hook series
Project progress: A roof is about 5400W, about 150-200 households are installed in a month
Roof installation renderings:
With the efficient installation of solar roof roofing scheme, CHIKO solar tile roof installation system is a combination of practical design and high-quality materials. As a modular unit assembly system, it ensures that the installer can install or configure any type of panel in almost any installation environment. Accessories are easy to install and apply to many types of tile roofs.
Product details show:
The product can be applied to most types of tile roofs, which can withstand strong wind blows and strong snowfall. Highly pre-assembled accessories make installation quicker and easier, can match a variety of solar panels, and can be used for both vertical and horizontal installations.
As a local company in Shanghai, CHIKO's development focus has been overseas. The project implemented in Fengxian District of Shanghai has greatly promoted the brand influence of the solar mounting produced by CHIKO in Fengxian District; for the Shanghai market The control of the market and the needs of users also have a deeper understanding. CHIKO Solar is a high-quality company specializing in photovoltaic stents and contributes to the development of photovoltaic power plants. It is the world's leading solar mounting manufacturer. Over the years, the company has implemented a large number of related projects. The projects the company handles are mature projects that have undergone many practical tests.

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