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"CHIKO Solar Mounting" popular in Latin America 丨 Brazilian Customers 's Visits


As we all know, Latin America belongs to the mid- high-end market, while most of Brazil’s territory is located in the tropics, with long sunshine hours and huge potential for solar power generation. With the rapid development of global pv power generation in recent years, more new technologies and materials have been used, and the cost has been decreasing year by year. Although the Brazilian pv market started late. However, Brazil still has unique advantages in this area. In this context, Chiko Solar will actively develop the Brazilian solar mounting market as an important target for 2018.
"CHIKO Solar Mounting" popular in Latin America 丨 Brazilian Customers 's Visits

On the morning of March 16, 2018,Brazil customers made a special trip to Chiko Solar to conduct a field visit. Chiko Mrs Lin warmly received the Brazil customers.and all the staff of the company expressed their warm welcome to them. Due to the tight schedule of the trip, they immediately went straight to the topic and went to see the Rail-free Solar mounting systems CK-FTH-017 and CK-FTH-026.
The Chiko Solar Rail-free Solar Mounting system is designed for trapezoid and corrugated sheet metal roofing enabling you to install without railing.This Rail-free solar mounting product uses high class anodized aluminium Al6005-T5, which is the most cost-effective solution for sheet metal roof solar panle mounting.
"CHIKO Solar Mounting" popular in Latin America 丨 Brazilian Customers 's Visits
The sales Luna and Chiko technical engineers gave detailed demonstrations and explanations of the product's features and installation methods. The customer expressed great recognition of the product's high quality performance and simple and quick installation methods; they are full of praise about the appearance of the product and its lightweight and flexible design . The Chiko sales Luna answered all questions raised by Brazilian customers.
In Brazil, the solar industry is a young and open market. Through this visit, it has brought rich experience and good services to Brazilian customers. The visit of Brazilian customers and the consideration of long-term cooperation have promoted Brazilian customers to Chiko. The company's after-sales service and understanding of solar mountint products. It is also an important step for Chiko to develop the Brazilian market in 2018, helping Chiko Solar brings the influence to other countries in Latin America. Chiko Solar can stood the test of time and users,welcomes new and old customers of all over the world to visit our factory.

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