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Tile Roof Solar Mounting

Stand Off Mounting CK-SO Series

Stand Off Mount CK-SO Series

The CK-SO StandOff mount is the simplest and most cost effective way to install solar PV on asphalt shingles roofs and other flat roof surfaces. The aluminum base has a super strong foundation to supports the standoff posts for tile from 60-152mm.


• Strongest off-the-shelf mechanical mount
 Sealing rubber gasket
• Easy to add height with extensions or all-threads
• 2 fasteners attaches to roof structure, more stronger.

Component List

Component List qty
⊙ Stainless steel 304 hook 1
⊙ 6.3x65mm wooden screw & EPDM washer 3
⊙ M8x25mm SUS 304 bolt & rail nut SUS washer 1


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