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Ground Solar Mounting

Ground U2V CK-U2V

Ground U2V CK-U2V

The CHIKO U-2V Ground Mount System has been designed and engineered to suit to both concrete foundation and ground screw foundation solar farm. The versatility and scalability of CHIKO U-2V provides a flexible option that adapts to any configuration and any terrain. All components have been pre-cut and pre-dilled for simple assembly in the field, improve the installation efficiency, saving time and labor cost for the construction of large-scaled solar farm. CHIKO offer 10 year warranty for U2V design and material. The high performance, all galvanized racking materials provide long lasting durability and over 30-year services life.


• Suited for both framed and unframed PV modules
• Variable inclination of 0-45 deg and fixed
• Set on both ground screw foundation and concrete foundation. Configuration for both portrait and landscape.

2V Rack

Galvanizing Rail


Rail Splice

Rail Fastening Block



Ground screw

Rail cap

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