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500KW Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa


500KW Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa 

South Africa has become the first country on the African continent to generate more than 1 giga watt of solar power ,according to a report released by WWF, which shows that the government ‘s aggressive energy restructuring in recent years is paying off. Policey is an important driving force behind the rapid development of South Africa’s solar industry In February 2021 ,CHIKO solar successfully completed the installation of 500KW solar mounting system in South Africa. The project details are as follows:
500KW Ground Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa
South Africa 500KW ground solar mounting system project
Installation site: South Africa
Capacity: 500kw
Installation type: ground
Products used: CHIKO solar T2VC solar panel bracket
In February 2021, the construction after the completion of the project ,the customer sent the morning section ,head of the solar market business in South Africa thanks and praise ,expressed the CHIKO solar.
500KW Ground Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa
500KW Ground Solar Mounting System Project in South Africa
The T2VC ground bracket system used in designed and manufactured for large-scale solar power plants. This type of bracket is flexible in installation and can be applied to a wide range of applications, and can be adapted to any configuration, terrain and base. Made from anodized AL6005-T5, the aluminum T2VC solar panel bracket provides a lightweight solution where all components are pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly on site saving time and labor costs. High performance fully anolized materials provide long lasting durability and a service life of over 30 years.
Aluminum T2VC ground solar mounting system is a popular promotional product of CHIKO, with low installation cost and quick ,convenient construction.
Opportunities and challenges coexist in South Africa ‘s PV market.
Robinson, head of the South African PV Industry Association, said that as the scale of renewable energy development ,in which industrial and commercial distributed renewable energy projects will attract more users .
In order to meet the demand for electricity generated by economic growth and reduce the environmental impact of traditional power companies, the South African government has annually revised the Integrated Resource Plan for South Africa ,which aims to install 276 GW of renewable energy by 2030 ,including about 8 GW of solar power. Much of South Africa receives more than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year and average daily solar radiation levels are nearly 40 per cent higher than in Europe, making it one of the world’s highest potential for solar power.
South Africa ‘s solar industry also faces challenges. A recent survey by South Africa ‘s National Energy Association found that many solar projects are less than half as old as they were bid for, after South African regulators set higher standards for project approval and subsequent quality assurance. South Africa’s Daily Business newspaper reported that in the future, South Africa’s solar power market development should focus on improving quality and efficiency, and should not blindly pursue expansion.
For the opportunities and challenges coexisting in the South African PV market. in the future, CHIKO solar will firmly seize the opportunity, constantly improve their core competitiveness, for the rise of Africa’s emerging photovoltaic market to contribute their own.
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