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Introducing Chiko Solar: Your Voyage to Radiant Horizons!


 Salutations, Solar Explorers of Europe!

Prepare to embark on an odyssey of brilliance with Chiko Solar, your trusted companion in the realm of rooftop and ground solar mounts. With 13 illustrious years of factory finesse and global exports under our sun-soaked belt, we're not just experts – we're the maestros of solar elegance!

Master Craftsmanship: Imagine a factory that's not just a factory, but a design symphony. At Chiko, every bolt and brace is a brushstroke of artistry. Our solar mounts are the haute couture of the energy world, expertly tailored for your home or land. And guess what? Our factory's artistic prowess extends to our new solar mount software, which we're flaunting at the EU PVSEC conference and exhibition!

Uniting Sun and Science: But we're not just dazzling you with style – we're weaving a tapestry of service excellence. Armed with samples that are as refined as a fine port wine, and our state-of-the-art solar mount software, we're taking center stage at the EU PVSEC event. From Lisbon to Ljubljana, we're your solar compass, navigating you through the vast sea of energy possibilities!

More Than a Partnership: We're not just manufacturers; we're collaborators in your journey to harness the sun's brilliance. For our cherished European clients and esteemed Chiko agents, we're your energy allies. Our software isn't just about calculations; it's a symposium of support, wrapped in Portuguese warmth and expertise!

So, whether you're savoring the sunlit life or steering the course of sustainable energy, Chiko Solar is your passport to brilliance. Join us in raising a glass to a future where solar radiance meets Portuguese flair! 


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