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Fun weekend, the staff of CHIKO Solar “Join Together” and “Dumpling Banquet”


In view of the fact that the new coronavirus has been effectively controlled, in order to alleviate the pressure of everyone's work and life, and at the same time, in order to strengthen the communication between employees, the company held an indoor group building activity on the morning of June 13, 2020. This event mainly contains two contents: "Dumplings" and "Game Link".
"Make dumplings"
On the morning of June 13th, the morning logistics department had already prepared the required fillings, dumpling skins, utensils, etc. in advance; fully made all preparations.
Colleagues Prepare the fillings
During the activity, all employees of CHIKO's office were divided into five groups by drawing lots. In each group, everyone started the "dumplings" work in an orderly manner; some stuffed stuffing, some made dumplings, and some boiled boiled dumplings. Everyone's face was filled with a bright smile, and everyone shared the experience of making dumplings with each other. In the joyful and warm atmosphere, everyone extended their hands and fully demonstrated their craftsmanship.
Colleagues are serious and devoted to making dumplings, everyone has a happy smile on their faces
Dumplings wrapped by colleagues show different shapes, vivid and interesting
Especially for the colleagues who have eaten pasta in the north, the skill of making dumplings made everyone clap their hands, and the dumplings with local characteristics made by employees from different regions also opened their eyes.
Some colleagues have already found good utensils to start cooking dumplings
Colleagues are eating their own delicious dumplings
The atmosphere at the scene was warm. After nearly an hour of joint efforts, everyone successfully completed the task of making dumplings.
At lunch time, a plate of steaming dumplings "wok up", everyone forgets the tension and busyness of work on weekdays, tasting the unique, delicious and delicious dumplings of their own bag, everyone is filled with joy , Sincere smile.
Game Link-"Join Together"
Game rules: Each group sends the same number of members to participate. Each group member must stand on the same large piece of paper and the feet must not touch the ground and the position should be more than 5s. If only one of the members touches the ground, it is a failure. According to the paper size of the station, it will be challenged in half, and the group with the lowest challenge level will be eliminated and punished. The eliminated group will perform talents.
The most perfect and wonderful team, the colleagues in the second group go through the barriers. The male colleagues stand steadily in the middle to do the role of "pillars". Four female colleagues hold his arms to stabilize the figure, and the barriers are successful!
Challenged to the third hurdle, in order for each member to stand firm, the male colleague of the technical department, which is dominant in strength, stood on the paper with both feet, and let the four female colleagues grab his arm and join hands together, Like the brave and intelligent male colleague of the technical department of CHIKO Solar!
Each team worked hard on wisdom and power, united hand in hand to overcome the obstacles, and in the competition, everyone felt the joy of cooperation and brought the distance between colleagues closer.
Moment of other exciting teams
A day full of joy and fun, I believe that all the members of CHIKO will be greeted with tomorrow's new work tasks with a better mental outlook and state in the joyful laughter of this event.

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