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Optimize the Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Solution-CHIKO new E-Lock series


In the past 11 years, CHIKO Solar has been insisting on technological innovation, achieving the ultimate in solar mounting system products, and using advanced technology and high-quality products to accelerate the promotion of affordable Internet access. Through technological innovation, CHIKO Solar has reduced the cost of photovoltaics. However, the era of affordable Internet access has not yet come, and the mission of letting everyone enjoy clean electricity has not yet been achieved, and the pace of CHIKO Solar Innovation will continue. In the face of the goal of achieving photovoltaic user-side parity online in 2020, the industry needs to reduce the cost of electricity by technological innovation and complete the common goal of photovoltaic people, and the leader by encouraging the use of advanced technology and bidding to access the Internet has become the goal The key driver of the last mile.
 Optimize the Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Solution-CHIKO new E-Lock series Accelerate parity Internet access     
After research and innovation, CHIKO Solar has launched a more flexible and cost-effective E-lock series. Among them, this series includes 376, 387, 388 three fixture types. This E-Lock series is a non-penetrating solution, suitable for joint roof installation, and can be flexibly used for different metal roofs with horizontal joints, vertical joints and round joints. Used in conjunction with the L foot can greatly increase power generation.
 Optimize the Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Solution-CHIKO new E-Lock series Accelerate parity Internet access  
The E-Lock metal roof photovoltaic bracket system is used to fix the top with a bolt, which can improve the installation efficiency. Secondly, all components of the E-lock series are highly pre-assembled, without on-site cutting and welding, saving time and labor costs. It is more worth mentioning that the fixture of the E-lock solar mounting system is only stuck on the convex seam and will not damage the surface of the plate. The main materials used are high-grade anodized aluminum 6005-T5 and SUS304 and Q316 parts, which are durable, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, and the service life can reach 30 years!
Behind the fierce development of distributed is still facing many problems and challenges, such as equipment quality, installation quality, lack of service capabilities and other issues can not be ignored. The healthy development of the photovoltaic industry requires large enterprises such as CHIKO Solar to assume more responsibilities and build high-quality power plants with high-quality solar mounting systems and comprehensive services.

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