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The First Stop in 2020, CHIKO Solar In Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Exhibition (WFES)


The new year of 2020 comes with the new journey. On January 13th, the Abu Dhabi The Word Future Energy Summit (WFES) in the Middle East was held at the Abu Dhabi National Convention and Exhibition Center in the UAE. Elite teams and leading companies from around the world gathered to enjoy this feast of science and technology and energy.
WFES is the world's leading exhibition for sustainable development. As one of the world's leading solar mounting system manufacturers, invited by the organizer to participate. CHIKO Solar show the new products such as new industrial and commercial roof ballast system and ground solar mounting stucture.
DATA: January 13-16, 2020
Location : United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi-National Exhibition Centre)
Booth No.: 8,8002
CHIKO exhibited products: Metal roof rail-free solar mount system,Flat roof ballast system , Galvanized steel ground solar mounting system U2V and Driven Pile
The First Stop in 2020, CHIKO Solar In Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Exhibition (WFES)
The First Stop in 2020, CHIKO Solar In Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Exhibition (WFES)
CHIKO employees with visiting customers have business negotiations

CHIKO Solar Industrial and Commercial Roof Solar Mounting System has been carefully designed to provide maximum flexibility, efficiency and speed when designing and planning the installation of various roof solar systems; all components are highly pre-assembled to save labor and time costs. The ground photovoltaic mounting system is designed for open-air projects. Both aluminum and galvanized series are available and suitable for all types of solar panel types. In addition, CHIKO's strong team of engineers ensure special designs.
CHIKO Project Reference at  Middle East:
UAE 2.7MW Project-CHIKO Thin Film Module Ground Solar Mounting System
CHIKO's export quantity have been far ahead in the Middle East. The Middle East is one of the hottest regions in the world. It is always in the natural environment of high temperature, high ultraviolet and windy sand all the year round. CHIKO solar mounting products have excellent corrosion resistance and wind and snow load performance. The change causes corrosion and aging of the bracket, which can well adapt to the local natural environment and provide a strong guarantee for maximizing the power generation of the system.
The investment of CHIKO Solar's high-efficiency support products will greatly promote the development of the photovoltaic market in the Middle East and other places. In the future, CHIKO Solar will continue to devote to the research and development of high-performance photovoltaic products to help the development of new energy globally. 

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