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  • We all know that solar pv mounting stands is a special stand for solar photovoltaic panels in order to place, install and fix solar panels. General materials are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel.
  • Chiko Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar mounting with a 1000MW PV roof support and a 1200MW PV ground support.According to the connection is divided into welding and assembly, Ground mounting,roof mounting,roof,solar carport mounting and so on.
  • ,solar carport mounting and so on.
  • In the roof of the solar mounting, The roof solar mounting bracket is divided into tile house, asphalt tile roof, and felt tile roof solar mounting. Ground photovoltaic stands system is widely used in the construction of large photovoltaic power station stands, the current steel and aluminum material.
  • solar pv mounting stands   
  • Comprehensive global construction performance, steel ground photovoltaic stands system used in the proportion of relatively large, aluminum terrestrial photovoltaic stands system accounted for a relatively small proportion. Steel photovoltaic stands system specific economic cost-effective, high strength, the standard outdoor use standards, the global recognition is relatively high. Aluminum photovoltaic stands system with anti-corrosion, no rust, beautiful, easy to install, etc., its main anti-corrosion anti-rust ability, for small ground or roof medium-sized photovoltaic power generation system installation, light and convenient construction.
  • Regardless of which photovoltaic system, the solar pv mounting stands is roughly similar, including connecting parts, columns, keels, beams, auxiliary parts and other parts, but the advantages of solar pv mounting stands far more than simple production and installation, should be able to move Fasteners, adjust the slope to adapt to the different angles of light, by re-tightening the solar panels to accurately fixed in the specified location.
  •     CHIKO stainless steel materials are all 304 grades; steel using Q235 grade, the surface treatment of hot galvanized average 80MIC. Morning head to the terminal full control, raw material quality control, process control process, terminal control assembly packaging.
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